Washington Window Washing*

 Washing windows in Washington since 2009

  *formerly Washougal Window Washing

Make your home
feel new again

Clean windows fast and safe

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down. Rest assured we take every precaution to guarantee your safety. We practice social-distancing like monks and hermits, and always wear masks inside your home.


We also clean gutters, roofs and can pressure wash most surfaces.


Better Business Bureau A+ rating.


"For eleven years Jared has been cleaning my windows twice yearly. He's always on time, professional and makes my windows sparkle!"


--Julie Down, Washougal WA

our Work

We have cleaned homes as small as 500 square feet, as large as 14,000 square feet, and everything in between. At 44,000 square feet, one of my best and favorite clients is Columbia Ridge Senior Living in Washougal. We've cleaned their windows and gutters twice a year for a decade. If you'd like a reference, give their maintenance supervisor Bill a call.

Stuck at home? Might as well enjoy the view!


95% of our business is residential homes, just like yours. Like most professional window cleaners, we charge by the pane. At $3.00 per pane, per side, we are among the least expensive. And having cleaned thousands of homes just like yours, I've come up with a simple formula that is accurate within a few dollars 95% of the time. Learn more about our services here.


Home's Size          Average Count      Exteriors Only      In & Out          

2,000 sq. ft.          25-30 panes          $75-$90              $150-$180

3,000 sq. ft.          50-55 panes          $150-$165           $300-$330

4,000 sq. ft.          65-70 panes          $195-$210           $380-$420

5,000 sq. ft.          90-100 panes        $270-$300           $540-$600



Have deck glass? A greenhouse? Sunroom? Do you actually live in a glass house? It will likely be more, but I'm not one to throw stones, so contact me and I'll set up a time to provide a free quote.