Washington Window Washing*

 Washing windows in Washington since 2009

  *formerly Washougal Window Washing




Window cleaning

For an estimate of cost, please see our home page. Exterior window cleaning includes screens, tracks and the vinyl around the windows. Interior window cleaning includes tracks, sills and the vinly around the windows. We don't use harsh chemicals. A hidden industry secret, we use Dawn dishwashing soap, water and a splash of ammonia. Pretty basic!


Side-note: The whole window/pane thing can be kind of confusing. I learned a long time ago not all panes were created equal. Some windows have one pane. Most, like walk-through sliders or those that open and close, have two panes. But some have three panes, while others like French doors may have six, eight, ten or more panes. Most panes count as one pane. The only ones that don't are the little ones, like in French doors. Rather than charge you for each individual pane, we just count each side of the French door as two panes. Confused yet? Me too. Contact me for a free quote.


Gutter cleaning

Like windows, gutters have two sides: an inside and an outside. Most folks want the insides cleaned because there's water pouring out when it rains. We charge five cents per square foot of your home. For example, a 3,000 square foot home is $150. We hand-scoop out all the muck, rinse them out, make sure the downspouts are clear, and hammer in any nails that may have squirmed loose.


The best way to clean the exterior of your gutters is to pressure wash them. We've done hundreds of houses and are very efficient. Most homes take under an hour. It's rare a home will take two hours. Learn more about pressure washing below.


Roof cleaning

It's no secret there's a constant battle with moss and algae in the Pacific Northwest. Homes vary based on sun exposure, especially due to nearby trees. Most roofs are composite. It's best to treat these roofs with Moss-Out (zinc sulfate). You can buy it for $3 per pound. I charge $5 per pound to climb on your roof an apply it. It typically takes 4-5 weeks to work. If you can still see moss up there, we need to return to brush it off and possibly apply more zinc sulfate. Our prices are well below industry standards such as "Roof Life of Oregon" but we provide essentially the same service.


Tile roofs tend to need to be pressure washed. We don't do this much anymore and would need to visit your home for a personalized, free quote.


Pressure washing

We charge $40 per hour. We're fast, accurate and may be cheaper than you renting one. And sure, pressure washing is fun, for like ten minutes. Six hours later? Not so much. Leave the back-breaking work to us. It's money well spent.




"As co-owner of Personal Property Management, I manage over 500 residential homes in the greater Vancouver area. Jared and his team have been my go-to resource for all his services. We use them at least once a week because there's simply no one better in the area."


--Leisha Dumas, Vancouver WA